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1)name: Alexa
2)age: 13, but I'll be 14 in about a month.
3)5 bands: Hellogoodbye, Boys night out, Saves The Day, Count The Stars, The Cure

4)5 movies: She's All That, Never Been Kissed, Get Over It, Snow White:$ ahha, and.. Butterfly Effect (I was watching it last night.)
5)quote that exlpains your life: Every life has a story.
6)why should you be accepted? I may be young, but Im fun, and could help this community with promoting and stuff.
7).Likes: Friends, Hugs, Music, Dancing, Laughing, Drawing..;; Dislikes: Obnoxious guys, Forgetting something important, Being alone, Boredom, Getting sick..

8).How you found the community: defective05 's user info.
9).Any special talents? Not really..uh, Im a good listener, and I can make my tongue into one of those clover Im cool.
10)first thing you notice about opposite sex: hair
11) do you have a significant other? if yes post a picture if you have one: Yes, my scanner is broken, but his name is Dan.

12) whats the meanest thing you have done/said to somone: Um, I guess just name calling, haha. You feel pretty bad about it after though, so..yeah.
13) do you like pirates: ships ahoy, whatever the term is...sure.
14) makeup or natural? makeup, pretty eyes and lips is nice.
15) jeans or skirt: I don't mind either, but you'll usually see me in jeans.
16) what cd is currently in your cd player: it's a mixed one.
17) if you could go anywhere, where would you go, and who would you bring? Id go to Cali with my bestest friend Jenni.
18. promote us to a community, and tell us where you promotes us at.


3 or more clear pics of you behind an lj-cut

one body shot, and one picture that shows your personality, one picture of any pets you have, one random picture, one picture of you as a child.


(sorry, it's the only one I have, and it's huge.)


I didn't get the concept of this one, so I just...yeah Im hip.


this is Boo Boo.



Errmm, I can't find a picture of me as a child that's already on here, and I can't scan stuff...sorry.

Love always;





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