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1)name Lindsay Michele

2)age 15
3)5 bands Hidden in Plain View, Coheed and Cambria, Plain White T's, Radiohead, and The Vines
4)5 movies Kill Bill, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Lion King, The Land Before Time
5)quote that exlpains your life "My bags are packed. I'm ready to go."
6)why should you be accepted? i'm little and cheery :)
7).Likes/Dislikes I like pb&j, animal crackers, skybars, making people laugh, and jumping in puddles. I dislike when it rains on a sunny day.
8).How you found the community.I think I was looking up communities for hair...
9).Any special talents?  Special? I've been told I can do this baby voice that makes people want to pick me up and hug me....uhh....I'm right handed but I do almost everything with my left side.
10)first thing you notice about opposite sex: his eyes
11) do you have a significant other? if yes post a picture if you have one: yeah, Mark.
12) whats the meanest thing you have done/said to somone: In preeschool, I took one of my classmates teddy bears...but I gave it back when she cried.
13) do you like pirates: yeah, rar
14) makeup or natural? natural
15) jeans or skirt: jeans
16) what cd is currently in your cd player: The Punisher Soundtrack
17) if you could go anywhere, where would you go, and who would you bring? Asia with my friend Cummins.
18. promote us to a community, and tell us where you promotes us at. _teh_sex_hair_
                                                Body shot




                                                        My wall

Sorry I don't have a picture of me as a child. I can't find any that weren't ruined.

Love always, Linz

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