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1)name; Larissa Tamara
3)5 bands; Dashboard.TBS.SENSESFAiL.afi.C&C.
4)5 movies.DD Havana Nights. Cinderella Story,Texas Chainsaw, 13, cruel intentions.
5)quote that exlpains your life: lets fAce it wE've chanGed - we aLL chAnGed. sOmewhere wE've aLL goNe in oUr own directiOns, heArts were brOkKen frieNds dimiNished, nEw lOvEe stArted -&- nEw peOpLe cAme into our liVes, we n0o lonGer spEnd aLL of our tiMe in oUr circLe of friEnds -&- we nOo lonGer taLk fOr hOurs aboUt nothinG at aLL, wE've chAnGed, sOme fOr bEtTer, soMe for worsE, some of us aRe fiNdinG lOvEes -&- othErs are tRyiNg to lEt go, but we aLL knOw thAt evEn thouGh wE're aLL fiNdinG oUr own pLace in thE wOrLd, thAt whEn we fiNd out lOve -&- when we let gOo of a loVe, whEn thE teArs faLL or the hApPy sMiLe sprEaDs acroSs oUr fAces we'LL coMe to eAchothEr, bEcAuse nOo mAtTer whAt hApPeNs nOthinG wiLL evEr chAnGe sOo muCh to thE pOint thAt we aRe nOt aLL fRieNds fOrevEr
6)why should you be accepted? IM A CUTIE and would love to helo vote to pick new members and be a part of such a cute comuntiy=)
7).Likes/Dislikes around with DiSLiKE:Jelousy.hate.commercials.sharks.bad food.
8).How you found the community. anners
9).Any special talents? Uhmm.. I have 3 dimples. But I don’t think that counts as anything that’s a talent .. heh so nevermind.. and no..
10)first thing you notice about opposite sex.. Face, such as good looking or not at all.
11) do you have a significant other? if yes post a picture if you have one.. nope but heres the one I went out with for 8 ½ months

drew .. old bf


12) whats the meanest thing you have done/said to someone: oo man.. I was PiSSED OFF so I took a marker and wrote mean stuff ALL OVER this girls sweat shirt nd like da whole class was pickin` onher nd saying wheres ur bra cuz I said it didn’t look like she had one.. nd she got so mad nd sad.. but that’s all I can thnnk of now.. theres prolly worse knowing me
13) do you like pirates.. not really, they are kinda scary.. unless is ORALNDO BLOOM
14) makeup or natural? Some makeup
15) jeans or skirt. SKiRT
16) what cd is currently in your cd player. dashboard
17) if you could go anywhere, where would you go, and who would you bring? I would go to Ukraine and my family.
18. promote us to a community, and tell us where you promotes us at.

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