<3 Lauren (love_x_lies) wrote in xare_you_cutex,
<3 Lauren


1)name- Lauren
2)age- 15
3)5 bands- yellowcard the clash blink 182 incubus rancid
4)5 movies- 10 things i hate about you, never been kissed, walk to rememeber, lion king,

5)quote that exlpains your life- you can't move on when you love someone
6)why should you be accepted? i love rating people and i love to promote places
7).Likes/Dislikes likes- dancing, food, sleeping, ducks dislikes- hmm rain
8).How you found the community. from all-x_failsz
9).Any special talents? dancing...
10)first thing you notice about opposite sex- eyes and sense if humor
11) do you have a significant other? if yes post a picture if you have- one nope..sadly..
12) whats the meanest thing you have done/said to somone- umm liked them because i felt sorry for them
13) do you like pirates- yes pirates can be hott...johnny depp:)
14) makeup or natural? depends but preferably make up
15) jeans or skirt- jeans
16) what cd is currently in your cd player- blink 182
17) if you could go anywhere, where would you go, and who would you bring? hmm mexico n my two best friends juss for the fun of it..
18. promote us to a community, and tell us where you promotes us at. _stahkd_dime_

body shot, i have a lot of make up.. it was before a recital.

randon picture..


i have a personality of a duck....lol no but they are funny...

and i don't have a pic of me when i was little. sorry.

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